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The Richmond Sentinel: who we are and what we are all about

Martin van den Hemel   Oct-13-2017

Welcome to our Health Edition, where we tackle health from different angles, including the safety of young workers, advances in sports concussion protocols and arthritis research, as well as local health and fitness options.

Since February, we have strived to provide local residents with something different to read, while giving them a bit of the familiar too in terms of what they’ve come to expect from a down-to-earth traditional community newspaper.



By now, hopefully most of you have seen and read a copy of The Richmond Sentinel, if not delivered by Canada Post to your mailbox, then at a local library, community centre or mall.

While we’re the new player in town, we bring a much-missed old one back to Richmond.

Though our name is The Richmond Sentinel, at our heart both literally and figuratively, we’re infused by the values of The Richmond Review, which closed to the disappointment of many in July of 2015.

Many of our staff members are former Review employees.

Award-winning sports reporter Don Fennell, supremely talented photographer Chung Chow, and Jaana Bjork, The Review’s expert production manager when it closed shop, all eagerly agreed to join me on this journey to build a new independent non-profit newspaper from scratch. (Also joining us are veteran newspaper marketing consultant Don Grant, a long-time Steveston resident, and fellow long-time local science reporter Lorraine Graves.)

We’re all committed to creating something the community can be proud of, both in print and digitally (

The Review earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to the community, under the strong leadership of publishers Mary Kemmis and Lois Hourston and the many others who came before them, dating back to the earliest work of pioneering Review editor Ethel Tibbits in the early 1930s.

That community dedication, of course, was routinely expressed through The Review’s team of writers, sales consultants and circulation staff and demonstrated by the team’s active involvement in the community. Those values endure with the like-minded team at The Sentinel, and are reflected every day in the stories the Sentinel publishes, but also in the way we take leadership by offering to sponsor and participate in local events. That includes the inaugural Community in Motion event organized by Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives, which raised nearly $30,000 last summer, and our ongoing supporting for the great research done at the Arthritis Research Centre on No. 3 Road.

We hope you like what you read, and tell your neighbours about us.

EXTRA!EXTRA! The Sentinel is here to serve.

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