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Symbol of hope newest city artwork

Don Fennell   Oct-17-2017

Fraser Giant is now on permanent display in Richmond City Hall’s south garden.

Photo courtesy City of Richmond

A symbol of longevity, resilience and hope is the newest addition to Richmond’s civic artworks collection.

Fraser Giant, a 20-foot-long stainless steel sculpture depicting a sturgeon, will be on permanent display in the south garden of Richmond City Hall facing Granville Avenue. Celebrating its significance to the region’s maritime heritage, the stylized artwork is a metaphor for the Fraser River. Unveiled Sunday, Oct. 15, the sculpture was created by Saskatoon artists Henry Lau and David Geary in acknowledgement of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation.



The majestic white sturgeons of the Fraser River are the last truly wild population of this species in the world, having survived two ice ages. The largest freshwater fish in North America can live well over 150 years and grow to more than six metres in length and weigh in excess of 800 kilograms. It lives year-round in the lower Fraser River and is one of the oldest and largest freshwater species in North America. However, the population here is a fraction of its historic levels and its future existence is in some doubt.

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