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Dynamo fencer joins world class

Don Fennell   Oct-17-2017

Dynamo Fencing Club coach Igor Gantsevich (centre) with athletes Howard Zhao and Seraphim Jarov.

Photo courtesy Dynamo Fencing Club

Howard Zhao is on a mission.

So, too, Seraphim Jarov.



The two Dynamo Fencing Club athletes, who coincidently, very nearly met in the Cadet Men’s épée final during the North American Cup held in Anaheim last weekend, are clearly on a path of success. Zhao, representing China, won the under-17 grouping with a three-point victory over Canadian Steven Grams, while Jarov settled into fifth place overall.

“Howard winning this event puts him into a world-class level,” said Dynamo coach Igor Gantsevich enthusiastically. “He has now, in North America, won every age group.”

Ironically, last weekend was his first official under-17 competition. The 15-year-old only won the under-14 North American Cup six months ago.

Gantsevich, though, isn’t surprised by Zhao’s rapid progress. Zhao moved from Calgary, and earlier China, specifically to train with Dynamo and attend an in-school program in West Vancouver.

“He is training approximately 30 hours a week,” noted Gantsevich, who is equally encouraged by Seraphim’s potential.

“Seraphim also had a fantastic showing and lost in overtime in the semis,” said Gantsevich. “For Seraphim and Howard, our focus and goal is to excel at the world championships and get a berth at the youth Olympic Games next summer in Argentina.”

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