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Bait cars lure two thieves

Martin van den Hemel   Oct-19-2017

Two thieves learned early Sunday morning that it isn’t wise to steal a vehicle from Richmond.

Especially not if it’s an unassuming bait car, laden with the latest in high-tech gadgets to help police scoop up any would-be thieves.



Shortly after midnight on Sunday, a bait car was broken into on Jones Road, Richmond RCMP Const. Jon Francis said.

The suspects were able to drive a short distance before abandoning the vehicle, he said. In a combined effort that included the dog team, patrol units and the RCMP helicopter Air One, officers managed to arrest two men before they were able to leave the area.

Two men are in custody, a 30-year-old from Surrey and a 30-year-old from Langley. Both are known to police, Francis said.

Charges are pending, and the RCMP investigation is ongoing.

“The combined response and specifically police service dog Faulk, likely made a lasting impression on the suspects,” Francis said. “Bait cars are everywhere in Richmond and we are ready to respond. No car thief should ever feel safe in our community. If you steal a bait car, expect to get arrested.”

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