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Panthers hearts full after feeding hungry

Don Fennell   Nov-21-2017

Panther cheerleaders fill their hearts by helping to feed the hungry in downtown Vancouver.

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For Panther Cheer Athletics co-founders Stephanie Kennedy and Dawn Silver, character is as important as ability.

Continuing the mission of developing the make up of their athletes, in addition to their skills, Panthers were provided with a unique opportunity to give back recently. Two of their competitive teams took time out from training to participate in one of six annual philanthropic initiatives.



Athletes, coaches and parents headed to downtown Vancouver for an evening of service with The First Baptist Shelter Program. It provides a hot supper, breakfast, and a night’s place to rest from the Vancouver streets for some of the city’s most vulnerable.

Gym owners Kennedy and Silver strong believe the Panther mission is to “develop well-rounded young athletes who grow to become exceptional young adults.”

Kennedy also commended Panther technical director Taryn van den Boogaard’s organizing skills, managing what Kennedy said was a transformative event for all those who participated.

van den Boogaard believes that “in planning all our philanthropic initiatives this year, we felt it was important our athletes get involved first-hand.”

“While it’s undeniably helpful to raise donations for a charity or a cause, the impact on our athlete's perspective is significantly greater when our athletes have a chance to meet and speak with those they are helping."

Up next, Panther Cheer is organizing a five-kiometre walk in support of one of our local animal shelter, RAPS. If you or your company are interested and able to help sponsor the event in any way, please email Panthers at

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