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Sea lion snatches girl from Steveston dock

Martin van den Hemel   May-23-2017

A young girl was grabbed by a sea lion and pulled into the water in Steveston on Saturday.

Screen grab of Michael Fujiwara video

A young girl was pulled into the water by a sea lion Saturday at what appears to be the new public sales float at Steveston Landing in Steveston.

In a video posted to YouTube by Michael Fujiwara, the young girl who was attacked was sitting on the edge of the dock among a group of people, mostly adults, who had taken notice of the creature swimming nearby.



The two-minute and 15-second video appears to show food being thrown in the water for the creature.

“It’s quite big,” one female voice says, while another adds: “That’s huge.”

“Hello,” another voice says, followed by a person whistling and then someone tapping as if trying to draw the creature’s attention.

“So cute,” someone says.

Another person dangles his hand and flutters his fingers from the edge of the dock at the sea lion, as if trying to play with it.

About one minute and 30 seconds into the video, the sea lion draws closer to the dock, and springs about three feet out of the water, prompting the bespectacled young girl to giggle nervously as she recoils in surprise.

Others ooh and laugh.

A few seconds later, the girl then partially turns her back toward the sea lion as she sits down at the dock’s edge, and the sea lion suddenly surges out of the water and grabs at the girl, clamping down with its mouth on her dress and pulling her backwards into the water behind a docked fish boat.

“Oh my god,” a man shouts in disbelief, while women could be heard screaming.

An unidentified grey-haired man then jumps into the water and lifts the young girl to awaiting arms at the edge of the dock who pull the pair to safety.

Neither appeared to suffer from any physical injuries and walked away from the videographer, who asked if they were alright.

The man who saved the girl said thank you and walked down the dock, but appeared to be related to the girl.

Fujiwara could not be reached for comment.

Since being posted late Saturday, the video has drawn more than 2.4 million views.

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