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Richmond ready for winter weather

Don Fennell   Dec-19-2017

Keeping the primary routes accessible is part Richmond’s comprehensive snow response plan.

Photo by Don Fennell

The City of Richmond is prepared to handle all that winter has to throw at it.

Unveiling a comprehensive snow response plan, following the snow, ice and low temperatures that arrived this week, the city’s Roads and Construction Services department will be ensuring all major arterial roads and cleared and salted or sanded so emergency vehicles, public transit and private vehicles can access the primary routes.



The city says during a snow event, pre-established first and second priority routes are cleared. Salting and plowing on third priority routes occurs only after, and when they can be scheduled during regular weekday hours from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Third priority routes are defined as designated collector roads and roads of local significance.

View existing snow removal priority routes at

If a significant multi-day snowfall happens, city public works staff will adopt around-the-clock coverage, with crews working 12-hour shifts laying down anti-icing liquid brine and or salt on the roads to prevent frost and ice from forming. City snow plows will keep street storm and drainage grates clear of snow and ice, but residents are asked to do the same when they clear their sidewalks to prevent blockage, which causes pooling as temperatures rise.

Residents are reminded that by law they are required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their properties by 10 a.m. each day. These requirements also apply to commercial and industrial property owners and occupants. The bylaw, amended last April, is to improve safety and convenience for pedestrians.

Residents are encouraged to shovel snow onto lawns or designated parking stalls, and not on the street.

Those who need assistance with snow removal may access the Snow Angels registry. These volunteers will assist residents of single-family homes who, because of a physical disability or mobility challenge, are unable to shovel snow. Call Community Services at 604-244-1208 or visit

Snow angels are needed, especially during daytime weekday hours. Visit or contact Community Services or for details.

Updates during snow and ice events will be posted on Facebook at and Twitter at Follow Environment Canada and other reliable sources for weather updates.

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