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When the weather outside is frightful

Lorraine Graves   Dec-20-2017

A fleet of snow removal equipment works to dispatch the snow so that planes can be dispatched to their holiday destinations.

Photo courtesy YVR

Vancouver International Airport starts making snow plans in August, not because the vagaries of West Coast weather dumps snow on the airport that time of year but to ensure the facility is ready to jump the moment snow is in the forecast.

With up to 80 pieces of snow removal equipment dispatched during a storm, “YVR’s snow-response fleet can clear the equivalent of Granville Street, full width and full length, from the Fraser River to Burrard Inlet, in less than 15 minutes,” according to the airport authority.



When it comes to air travel, minutes count. All the planes at YVR need to be carefully choreographed on the ground and carefully scheduled so that each gets a turn to unload and load passengers in the most efficient manner. Waiting not only aggravates the travelling public, it costs money.

YVR suggests that anyone travelling or picking up a traveler during this busy season, check the website to see if the flight is on time. The data on the site is updated frequently.

YVR also suggests allowing extra time to get to the airport, get through the airport, and find your flight as crowds descend on Vancouver’s travel hub this time of year, making threading your way through all the people a little like a slalom race amongst human pylons.

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