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Good Samaritans come to woman’s rescue

Lorraine Graves   Jan-02-2018

Ebe Lepp’s morning outing to get a newspaper started out badly but improved rapidly thanks to three passersby, the two Miele men: Jonathon McIsaac and Jeremy Luyt; and Dulté Simms.

Photo by Lorraine Graves

The New Year started off with a good deed in action virtually on the doorsteps of The Richmond Sentinel.

On Tuesday morning three people helped Ebe Lepp who had taken a tumble in her wheelchair on the street corner at Westminster Highway and Elmbridge Way, next to the WorkSafeBC building.



The wheel had removed itself from Lepp’s wheelchair about 9:30 a.m just as she crossed the street.

Three people driving by immediately stopped to help.

Jonathon McIsaac and Jeremy Luyt, from Miele, went to work repairing the wheelchair, keeping her warm with one of their appliance moving blankets.

The other passerby, Dulté Simms, offered his coat on a clear and frosty morning.

After refusing an ambulance because of cost, Lepp saw the arrival of two workers from her home at Minoru Residences who called their van to help her home because the wheelchair was a little unstable on uneven ground.

Good Samaritans shoot and score early in January.

Happy New Year!

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