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Family embraces Richmond Christmas Fund, sponsors single mother and four children

The Canadian Press   Jan-03-2018

The Goto family sponsored a single mother and her four children through the Richmond Christmas Fund.

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Richmond’s Shabnam Goto and her family have the Richmond Christmas Fund to thank for making the past two holiday seasons especially memorable.

As much as they gave, they received so much more in return.



Last year, Goto and her family sponsored a single mother with three children, and this year, they increased their support by sponsoring a single mom with four kids.

Doing something special for complete strangers during the Christmas season brought the family even closer together, and it presented the opportunity for the younger members of the family to get involved while following the amazing example set by the adults.

Goto shared her story with The Richmond Sentinel in the hope that other families will be inspired to help out the Richmond Christmas Fund next year.

While the family did many of the usual tasks involved in sponsoring a family, they also went above and beyond in showing their enthusiasm for what they were doing.

“Christmas is a time to give and share love and joy,” Goto said. “What made me so proud was to see all my kids including their boyfriend and girlfriend were so thoughtful and amazing with volunteering to buy their gifts that were on their We Wish lists.”

Last year, Goto’s friend told her about the Richmond Christmas Fund and her family signed up and were assigned a family.

This year, Goto, her parents and children as well as her step brother and other friends, bought gift cards, clothes, makeup and toys and then wrapped them all up.

Truly in the spirit of the season, dressed up in Christmas-themed onesies, the Goto team dropped off the presents on Dec. 23, just in time to fill those empty spots under the Christmas tree.

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