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Precious family ring lost by sister of former Richmond Mayor Gil Blair

Martin van den Hemel   Jan-12-2018

Richmond's Geraldine Wray, sister of former Richmond Mayor Gil Blair, lost a precious family ring at Seafair shopping centre last week. She's pictured with her three children Merrilee, Jacqueline and Michael.

Photo by Martin van den Hemel

A precious family ring belonging to Richmond's Geraldine Wray, 90, was lost on the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 3, at the Seafair branch of Shoppers Drug Mart.

Now the sister of former Richmond Mayor Gil Blair, is hoping the community will help her to find it.



"It would sure make my day if they found this," she told The Richmond Sentinel Friday. Wray also has other local pioneering blood flowing through her veins; she's a part of the Thomas Kidd family tree.

The gold ring has five birth stones (she has three children: Merrilee, Jacqueline and Michael), and has a distinctive feature: it opens in half so it can fit over Geraldine's knuckle, and then locks.

The ring, which she received 52 years ago, was last in a plastic white Shoppers Drug Mart bag, which also contained another ring. It was custom designed and made by a client of one of her daughters, she said.

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