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Richmond honours pioneers at Canada 150 event

Don Fennell   May-30-2017

Mayor Malcolm Brodie addressed a crowd of more than 700 at the city of Richmond’s Pioneer Luncheon Saturday as part of year-long Canada 150 celebrations.

Photo by Jon Benjamin

Saturday was pioneers day in Richmond.

More than 700 long-time residents, representing multiple generations, gathered for a special luncheon hosted by the city as part of year-long Canada 150 celebrations.



“This luncheon provides a rare opportunity to share lunch with so many Richmond pioneers and descendants of pioneering families who have shaped our community as we know it today,” Mayor Malcolm Brodie told the event guests who gathered at the city hall plaza.

The guests all lived in Richmond for at least 50 years, and some for more than 90 years. Many trace their family roots in the community back to the late 19th century. Each was invited to share their life stories to create a video legacy for future generations, and later presented with a commemorative certificate and pin as a parting gift.

Long-time city councillor Harold Steves, speaking on the eve of his 80th birthday, and Charan Gill, a retired teacher and long-time community volunteer, also entertained the guests with their memories of growing up in Richmond and the changes and growth in the community over the past decades.

Townline Homes sponsored shuttle service for the event and Ocean Spray donated cranberry cocktail for the luncheon guests.

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