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YVR lifts off with passenger record

Don Fennell   Jan-23-2018

With 24 million passengers travelling through Vancouver International Airport in 2017, YVR was only a million passengers shy of its goal of 25 million by 2020.

Photo courtesy YVR

It was another record-breaking year at Vancouver International Airport.

One of the fastest-growing airports in North America, YVR welcomed more than 24 million passengers in 2017. That represents an 8.4 per cent increase over the previous year.



“It’s hard to believe that we have exceeded expectations and are only one million shy of our original goal of 25 million passengers by 2020,” said Craig Richmond, president and CEO of Vancouver Airport Authority.

In his annual address to the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Richmond said “we are here to connect B.C. proudly to the world and we will continue to generate lift by facilitating the ambitions and endeavours of British Columbians.”

Richmond said new growth projections show 31 million passengers will use YVR by 2022, with 29 million passengers now targeted for 2020. YVR has also updated its target to serve 144 destinations by 2020. The airport currently connects people and businesses to 127 non-stop destinations worldwide. The forecast changes are attributed to such factors as a strong B.C. economy and an impressive year for new air services due to ConnectYVR, the airport’s five-year rates and charges program.

To help address the growth, Richmond outlined a number of strategies including adding a bus stand, and new self-service border kiosks. Over the next three years, $1.7 billion will be spent on major projects that enhance the airport experience. Projects include YVR’s Pier D expansion in the international terminal, which once completed in 2020 will increase capacity to accommodate eight additional aircraft; four contact gates and four bussing gates.

YVR is owned and operated by Vancouver Airport Authority, a not-for-profit organization governed by a non-political board of directors appointed from the community. Every dollar earned by the airport authority is reinvested into the operation and growth of the airport to improve facilities, enhance services, reduce costs and support community initiatives.

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