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Stunning banners showcase Richmond and talent of local artists

Lorraine Graves   Jan-31-2018

Richmond Artists proudly display their winning banner designs, destined for display throughout our city for the next year.

Photo courtesy City of Richmond

Get set to see a new crop of banners flying from our lampposts.

This week, the 10 winners out of the 200 entries were announced at Richmond City Hall.



Canadians look in their communities as an extension of their neighborhoods, as something that belongs to us, and as something to care for because the quality of the public space, be it the grass near our sidewalk or the lampposts downtown, reflects on the pride we take in our city, the care we afford the place we live, and the quality of life those living here can expect.

Echoing that idea, Mayor Malcolm Brodie says, “The annual Street Banner Contest provides residents an opportunity to become more involved with the beautification of their city.”

Winner Crystal Chan’s design says the design highlights how far we have come as a community and speaks of the spirit of working together for the greater good, also an important part of Canadian culture.Chan’s banner celebrates the spirit of a fast-paced city, showing an array of lights captured at an intersection. She says all the different streaks of light remind of her of all the people who work together to keep our community running, no matter what.

The banners are on display at City Hall and 1,200 of them will fly on lamp standards at all gateways to Richmond and around the city, for about a year. The city plans to start installing the new banners this week.

The old banners can be purchased, starting April 2, at the City of Richmond’s Operations Yard, 5599 Lynas Lane from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, at the Community Services Division reception desk. The people of Richmond can purchase a banner or one that has been upcycled into a colourful bag.

For more information on the street banner program and to view this year’s winning designs, visit

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