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Richmond Sentinel celebrates first birthday

Martin van den Hemel   Feb-02-2018

Happy birthday to us!!!

It was one year ago this week that The Richmond Sentinel printed its first edition back in February of 2017 with a cover story about a couple that made a multi-million dollar contribution to build a new acute care tower at Richmond Hospital. (This week, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce held an event at Richmond Hospital, presenting a letter to the provincial government urging them to fund the new tower, and signed by more than 100 Richmond employers representing nearly 12,000 workers.)



Starting from scratch with a skeleton staff oozing with newspaper experience, the non-profit Sentinel has certainly come a long way.

But there’s still a long road ahead of us as we fight for the vital advertising dollars that it will take to keep us in existence.

What can our readers do to help?

If you are enjoying what you read, let us know about it by writing us an e-mail ( Our advertisers want to hear if the community is reading The Sentinel.

If you want to read us every two weeks, take out a subscription to our newspaper through our website ( I’m sure our advertisers would appreciate a visit, but the key is to tell them that you saw their ads in The Sentinel.

The media industry is in the midst of a transformation that started years ago, with no obvious end in sight.

Every time a newspaper closes down, that’s one fewer voice to tell the stories that matter most.

So many voices have been lost, while so many community newspaper monopolies have been created in the aftermath of mergers and closures.

While monopolies may be good for one business, competition does a better job of serving the community’s interests. The Sentinel is here to serve.

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