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A chance to recognize excellence

Lorraine Graves   Feb-14-2018

2017 Arts award winners with Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Coun. Bill McNulty, Coun. Harold Steves, and Coun. Linda McPhail.

Photo courtesy City of Richmond

Who would you like to see as one of the winners in the picture for this year, 2018? Nominations for the 10th Annual Richmond Arts Awards open this week. You have until 5 p.m. Thurs. March 15 to submit an application.

The Richmond Arts Awards 2018 was developed in partnership by the City of Richmond with the Richmond Arts Coalition.



Nominate someone or a group you admire: an artist, volunteer, teacher, organization or individual.

Decide which one of the six categories they fit into: arts education, artistic innovation, business and the arts, cultural leadership, volunteerism, or youth arts.

The reason to nominate a group or person you admire is twofold, to recognize their excellence and hard work but also to have them act as an example to encourage others in our community to participate in the arts.

The Richmond ensures there are few barriers to artistic pursuits, offering enrichment and classes both in and out of school. The Richmond School Board has long encouraged creative endeavours as part of our children’s education as do our institutions like the Richmond Library, the Richmond Museum, the Richmond Art Gallery as well as a host of museums spread throughout our city such as our national historic sites, the Steveston Tram and Steveston Museum.

April will see the three finalists in each category named.

The métiers are varied. All artistic disciplines are eligible: visual, performing, literary and culinary arts, as well as craft, environmental arts and new media.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie will host the awards ceremony Tues. May 15.

For more information on the Richmond Arts Awards and to submit a nomination online, please cut and paste into your browser:

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