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McRoberts students take part in Women's March

Ahmad Ali Jaffer   Feb-16-2018

Students from Hugh McRoberts Secondary participated in the Jan. 20 Women's March in Vancouver.

Photo by Ahmad Ali Jaffer

Senior students from McRoberts Secondary attended Women’s March 2018 in Vancouver to show concern and solidarity for issues important to them.

The student group comprised individuals from various minorities, who came together for greater understanding and togetherness. Before the march, they met at lunchtimes and after school to create thoughtful and eye-catching posters they would later hold during the event.



McRoberts Grade 12 student Moe Yang came up with the idea to organize a group to head down to the march, because she “realized that attention and education (on) crucial issues aren't brought up in the classrooms, and are not part of the curriculum.”

She continued: “This is why we need to take the initiative ourselves to organize these peer-led opportunities, (with the goal of) educating one another.”

As the students stood out in the rain at Jack Pool Plaza in Downtown Vancouver, they listened to various speeches and watched performances in the Coal Harbour venue which touched on issues like Black Lives Matter, discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, missing and murdered women, and LGBTQ+ issues.

Eagles soared overhead as women and men shared their stories and struggles. To the First Nation’s People of the Pacific Northwest, eagles embody power and prestige, indicating good times to come. Some saw the eagles at the march as a good omen.

The insightful talks shared at the event not only better informed the students, but also sparked discussion and interest.

“Moving forward into February, (the student group is) definitely going to do something to raise the voices of the BIPOC - Black, Indigenous and People of Colour,” Yang said.

For the group of students, holding posters and standing in unity prompted a positive reaction from both march participants, as well as passers by.

For this group of students, it showed that they are informed and active with their community issues, and that there is strength in numbers.

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