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City of Richmond grants awarded

Lorraine Graves   Feb-16-2018

Two of the 64 organizations receiving a community grant from the city of Richmond are housed in the new Storeys Building: Richmond Addiction Services, and Pathways Clubhouse, represented by Barbara Fee and Mike Tibbles in this July, 2017 photo.

Photo by Chung Chow

The city of Richmond announced today the awarding of more than $857,200 as 64 individual grants to local and regional organizations. The annual community grants program provides support, in addition to a group’s main funding.

The sources of the funds are varied, according to city spokesperson, Kim Decker, “Child care grants are funded from developer contributions while health, social, and safety services; arts and culture; and, parks, recreation and community events are included in grants funded by gaming revenue,” as she also delineates the four main grant categories.



For organizations interested in applying for this funding in the fall of 2018, please see to discover eligibility rules and an online application form. Some grants are for more than one year.

“As Richmond’s population continues to thrive, so does the demand for valuable programs that make positive impacts on our community,” says Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “Our grants program supports and provides additional funding to organizations that offer many important services in Richmond.”

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