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Wayne Duzita recognized by Rotary

Martin van den Hemel   Mar-02-2018

Left to right James Hsieh President Rotary Club of Richmond, Wayne Duzita, Harry Minci Sgt. At Arms Rotary and Don Evans Governor Rotary Foundation.

Photo courtesy Rotary Club of Richmond

Richmond’s Wayne Duzita was honoured with the Paul Harris Fellow award for his community contributions.

Rotary Club of Richmond president James Hsieh, Rotary Sgt. At Arms Harry Minci and Rotary Foundation governor Don Evans presented Duzita with the recognition on Wednesday.



Ed Gavsie, president and CEO of Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives, said the distinction was given in part for the many years Duzita served as chair of the Richmond Christmas Fund.

“So deserving,” Gavsie said in a tweet.

The Paul Harris Fellow was established by Rotary Club International in 1957 to show appreciation for those who have made a substantial contribution to The Rotary Foundation.

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