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One-stop shopping for health care needs

Lorraine Graves   Jun-05-2017

Richmond’s first Community Health Centre will be located at 7671 Alderbridge Way. The site will soon be home to Richmond’s Adult and Older Adult Mental Health Teams and the Anne Vogel Clinic (as at June 6), and the recently obtained 27,000 square feet of additional space will allow Richmond to build on these MH&SU programs to create a comprehensive Community Health Centre.

Photo courtesy Vancouver Coastal Health

A gift of space will become Richmond’s first Community Health Centre (CHC), a unified place for specific health care needs.

Room in the former Knowledge Network building at 7671 Alderbridge Way (near Lansdowne Road), now under renovation, will become home the first weekend of June to mental health, addiction services and the Anne Vogel clinic as a start of what will be a much larger integrated health centre, our first in Richmond.



“Beyond that, we will be asking ourselves what services should be grouped together there? We have a number of different services in different buildings, so this CHC could be a one-stop shop for Richmond residents. It’s a super opportunity,” says Dr. Meena Dawar, Richmond Public Health’s medical health director.

“We are looking at all options. We know for sure mental health and addiction services for adults will be in there. We have twice as much space that just came available so this is a chance to say, ‘What else do we need at that location?’ so all ideas are on the table at this point.”

One example of a service known to be moving into the Community Health Centre is the Anne Vogel Clinic, currently on Cook Road, while other services for the same clients are offered in a high rise on Granville Street.

Integrating the services into one location means more effective use of money, space and clients’ time.

With the fastest growing population of the elderly in B.C., Dawar says services for seniors and those with complex care needs look likely to be included. But she says, “it’s too early to tell, ”what other specific services will be housed at Richmond’s CHC.

What is known is that the clinic will all be out-patient care.

“Find me in a couple of months’ time when we’ve gone further in our thinking. We want to be able to provide complete care, interdisciplinary care to Richmond residents.”

With the move, some phone numbers are changing. To find out which, go to:

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