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UPDATE: Fire strikes Steveston restaurants

Martin van den Hemel   Mar-13-2018

Photo courtesy Rohit Pillay

A Tuesday morning fire struck a building that houses Little Mexico Cantina and Mega Sushi restaurants, and four second-floor suites on Chatham Street in Steveston.

Six fire trucks and 20 firefighters, along with an ambulance and police responded to the blaze shortly after 8 a.m. at 3131 Chatham St. There were no injuries to either occupants of the building or firefighters who responded.



There was extensive fire and smoke damage to Little Mexico Cantina, Richmond Fire-Rescue acting deputy fire chief of operations Jack Beetstra said.

There was also heavy smoke damage to Mega Sushi, he said.

The residents of the upstairs units will be displaced at least three days, and are being provided assistance by the city's emergency social services program.

When fire crews arrived, there was heavy black smoke coming from all vents to the building, Beetstra said.

It's believed Little Mexico Cantina will be closed for some time, he said.

The blaze remains under investigation.

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