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Family seeks help after breast cancer diagnosis

Martin van den Hemel   Mar-13-2018

Gaylene Woods, mother of Mackenzie, 11, Jordan, 7 and Xander, 2, and wife of Tony Robinson, first learned she had breast cancer in November.

Photo by Chung Chow

Even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer on Nov. 27 and the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, Richmond mother-of-four Gaylene Woods put her family first.

She continued to go to work to help her family make ends meet only to learn just before Christmas that the cancer had spread to both of her hips.



But the news was about to get worse.

After she was admitted to hospital in January because of pain, doctors discovered the cancer had spread into her bones, and that Gaylene had an aggressive form of breast cancer that had reached the most advanced stage, known as Stage 4.

Now, with all of the unknowns that lie ahead, her family is seeking financial help from the Richmond community during this especially challenging time.

Gaylene’s sister, Corey Lewis, set up a GoFundMe page ( that aims to raise $9,000 to help the family deal with the financial implications of Gaylene’s inability to work while she fights for her life.

“My sister has started chemo/radiation therapy and is in the fight for her life now,” Lewis wrote on the GoFundMe page. “We kindly ask everyone to say a prayer for my sister…while she is determined to fight and beat aggressive Stage 4 breast cancer. We are fundraising money for Gaylene and family in their time of need and any donations will be greatly appreciated.”

Gaylene’s husband, Tony Robinson, reached out to The Richmond Sentinel for help in letting the rest of the community know about the fundraising initiative.

The couple have four boys: James, 20, Mackenzie, 11, Jordan, 7, and Xander, 2.

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