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Popular strength coach fondly remembered

Don Fennell   Mar-22-2018

Popular strength and conditioning coach Scott Hebert, at right, passed away recently.

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The sudden passing of a popular strength and conditioning coach has left the local sports community shaken.

Scott Hebert was the owner of Excel Fitness, and had been training athletes for more than 15 years. He was formerly the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Vancouver Canucks from 1999 to 2001.



“I got a message on Sunday morning (March 18) letting me know Scotty had passed on. I read it with shock and sadness,” said Andrew Clark, manager of high performance and fitness at the Richmond Olympic Oval. “There was nothing on social media yet and I was in complete disbelief. I am still in disbelief. He was one of the fittest, most upbeat, authentic and positive people I have ever met.”

Clark had known Hebert for almost 20 years. He said Hebert never changed.

“He walked into the room with a big welcoming smile and he greeted you by name or the nickname he had for you. For me it was always ‘Clarkie’.”

For the last few years, Hebert played a key role as the strength coach for the Greater Vancouver Canadians, a B.C. Major Midget Division team that features players from Richmond. He was a fixture at the Richmond Olympic Oval working with the players Tuesday nights.

“I am not sure I have ever met anyone easier to work with,” Clark said. “The players loved his energy and intensity and the coaches his presence. He added energy to every room.”

Clark said everyone would describe Scott as an amazing person, but you would also hear him described as a great coach, trainer, educator, mentor, colleague and friend. He was genuinely interested in others' success.

“Scott's passing has, and will continue to leave a huge void in the fitness and sport community,” Clark said. “He was a gifted coach who positively impacted the well-being, health and performance of thousands of people. He was best known for his work with hockey players but also worked with dancers, lacrosse players, martial artists, baseball players and tennis players. Scott's personality, energy, and positive outlook brought so many young athletes back to Richmond year after year.

“He was an amazing coach who seemed to effortlessly connect with people,” Clark said. “While his athletes came to train, I believe that deep down what drove them was a desire to be around and inspired by Scott.”

Hebert was also a Reebok master trainer for BC, certifying fitness professionals in a variety of courses through Reebok University.

A GoFundMe page——has been set up in Hebert’s memory to support his daughter’s pursuit of a post-secondary education.

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