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Is the City of Richmond waving white flag to snowgeese problem?

Martin van den Hemel   Mar-22-2018

A cheap and simple white flag on a stick is showing signs of being an effective way to keep snowgeese away from local grass fields.

Photo by Martin van den Hemel

Normally, when someone “waves the white flag” it means they’re surrendering or giving up to an opponent after running out of viable options.

After a fruitless years-long battle to keep thousands of snowgeese from ruining luscious local grass sports fields, the City of Richmond is now waving the white flag in a handful of fields across Richmond.



And it seems the snowgeese are getting the message…kinda.

After trying other means, including using a dog/dog-handler team to scare away the snowgeese who in mere hours can devour a verdant field and transform it into a muddy mess, it seems simple is best.

It turns out these inexpensive white flags, attached to wood sticks shoved into the ground, have managed to keep the snowgeese away in fields where this has been tried, including a baseball field on Westminster Highway and at Hugh Boyd Oval and Hugh Boyd secondary school fields.

“Parks Operations is working to get our all-weather grass fields in premium condition for the coming season and keeping the snow geese off them was part of the plan to reach this delivery goal, to offer the best fields to our user groups,” said City of Richmond spokesperson Ted Townsend. “The white flags are simple cheap and easy and because there are no or few geese on the fields since we started using the white flags we think they are working.”

White flags 1. Snowgeese 0.

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