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Heringers welcomes new owners

Lorraine Graves   Mar-28-2018

Chad and Karen Heringer created the popular Steveston butcher shop, that bears their name, but have sold it to Vancouver business Windsor Meats, to enable them to retire. The new owners promise to keep all that’s great.

Photo by Chung Chow

It will still be called Heringers—the butcher shop and more in Steveston—but Chad and Karen Heringer will no longer be there.

After 28 years, they will be enjoying what they are calling their, “Freedom 55,” hitting the road with their airstream trailer and enjoying retirement.



They have sold their shop and all that goes with it, including their recipes.

The new owners plan to keep the shop much the same, “perhaps adding a few things too,” Karen says.

After so many years in a business that they say “has happily consumed every aspect of our lives,” Chad and Karen call their departure and much-deserved retirement “bittersweet.”

“We are so grateful for the rare opportunity we have had to share our lives and food passions with so many people,” she says.

The shop’s Heringers name and phone number will not change as the new owners move in.

“We encourage you to give them some adjustment time as they learn about you and your expectations.”

Saying they will miss us all, Chad and Karen add: “We hope that everyone will work together to keep the little butcher shop we had such joy in creating a going concern for many years to come.”

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