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Students leading students

Lorraine Graves   Apr-04-2018

90 Richmond teens gathered for the LEGOman student leadership conference.

Photo by Chung Chow

While most students were luxuriating in their first day of spring break, 90 students from around Richmond gathered together at the LEGOman conference. The leadership conference was wholly created by and for students to grow leadership skills in youth in high schools throughout city.

The March 16 conference saw a four-member panel plus four workshops throughout the day with the theme of Building the next Student Leaders, LEGOman was a resounding success.



The brain child of the Richmond Student District Council Organization (RSDCO), a new, independent student-run group, LEGOman 2018 had the support of teachers and staff throughout the district and particularly at the host school, Matthew McNair Secondary, where staff members also gave up a day of their holidays to attend and mentor the students.

"This is a big event for RSDCO," says RSDCO student chair Kishoore Ramanathan, "We've had our ups and downs during planning, but the team is proud to be pushing through and hosting such an important initiative for the younger students. [RSDCO believes] strongly in providing opportunities for students to discover their own abilities and passions, because as the saying goes: 'you'll never know until you try.'"

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