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Record 62 candidates for Richmond council and school board

Martin van den Hemel   Sep-14-2018

62 people are vying for 16 positions on Richmond council and school board.

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There are a record number of people who have put their names forward as candidates for Richmond council and the Richmond Board of Education.

Among the 62 candidates are many names that should ring familiar to those who follow the local political landscape.



There are six people vying for the position of mayor, including incumbent Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. He is joined on the ballot by Richmond lawyer Hong Guo, who is the subject of a Law Society of B.C. investigation and has created three videos, viewed some 80,000 times on Facebook, in which she paints city hall as an inaccessable institution to the masses.

Joining Brodie and Guo are Roy Sakata, who last year ran in the provincial election for the Green Party and is running as an independent, along with Donald Flintoff, Lawrence Chen and Cliff Wei.

There are 30 people fighting for eight councillor seats, including incumbents Alexa Loo, Carol Day, Bill McNulty—who topped the polls in 2014—Derek Dang, Linda McPhail, Ken Johnston, Chak Au and Harold Steves.

Andy Hobbs, who finished 582 votes behind Alexa Loo in 2014, and Michael Wolfe, who was 830 votes shy of Loo, are running again.

Kelly Greene, who is running with the Richmond Citizens Association alongside Steves and Jack Trovato, has turned to civic politics just a year after she finished a strong second to John Yap, garnering just 1,808 fewer votes.

Among the familiar faces are Henry Yao and Peter Liu, as well as school trustee Jonathan Ho, who is seeking to follow the likes of LInda McPhail and Chak Au in making the jump from school board to council.

Notable newcomers are Richmond activist Kerry Starchuk and local criminal defence lawyer Jason Tarnow.

Running for school board are incumbents Donna Sargent, chair Eric Yung, Debbie Tablotney, Ken Hamaguchi, Sandra Nixon and Alice S. Wong.

Seeking a return to school board are Rod Belleza and Norm Goldstein, who each finished fewer than 1,100 votes behind Wong for the last seat on the board.

Among the familiar names seeking a spot on the board are Richard Lee, who in 2014 ran for mayor, realtor Keith Liedtke, and former trustee Grace Tsang, who finished second to Sargent in 2011, but then didn’t run again in 2014.

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