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New day care officially opens on site of former Steveston High

Lorraine Graves   Sep-17-2018

Children from infant to six years enjoy a sunny and safe environment as the Richmond's new Seasong Day Care.

Photo courtesy City of Richmond

Friday, Sept. 14 saw the official opening of the Seasong Child Care Centre on the former Steveston Secondary grounds. With a blond brick exterior chosen purposely to reflect mid-century school design, indoors the facility shines with clear light from a multitude of windows.

With a clear view of through all those windows of the stainless steel sculpture of a fishing boat, an homage to the Steveston Packers sports teams, the centre gleams, mixing the old with the new.



According to city spokesperson, Ted Townsend, “The Seasong Child Care Centre, located at 10380 No. 2 Road, is the ninth City-owned, purpose-built child care facility in Richmond. It has approximately 465 m2 (5,000 sq. ft.) of indoor space and 465 m2 (5,000 sq. ft.) of outdoor space.”

Operated by the YMCA of Greater Vancouver, the licensed day care’s design is the result of collaboration among city day care experts, architects and builders.

According to city spokesperson, Ted Townsend, “Polygon Homes provided the child care facility as a community amenity contribution to the City as part of the Kingsley Estates development. The city took ownership in May, 2018”

In operation since early September 2018, Seasong now has its full complement of 37 children.

“The creation of this new child care facility shows the City’s long-term commitment to building a system of accessible, affordable and quality child care for families in Richmond,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “The City continues to be a municipal leader in creating child care spaces for children up to twelve years of age, and is committed to being an active partner with senior governments, parents, the private sector and not-for-profit agencies to develop and maintain a comprehensive child care system in Richmond.”

The facility’s name pays tribute to the seafaring nature of Richmond and to the songs the sailors used to sing.

Townsend says, “The nine City-owned child care facilities have been secured through rezoning, providing a total of over 300 licensed child care spaces in Richmond. This is a result of City Council’s ongoing efforts to expand the supply of child care spaces in Richmond.”

The city website offers in-depth information on child care options.

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