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Richmond recognized by World Leisure Organization

Don Fennell   Jul-05-2017

Participants enjoy the City of Richmond’s Move For Health Week activities.

Photo by Jennifer Strang

Richmond has been bestowed with an award lauding its use of leisure to improve residents’ quality of life.

The World Leisure Organization (WLO) has designated the city as a World Leisure Community of Excellence for 2017, an honour Mayor Malcolm Brodie said reflects the city’s commitment to supporting leisure opportunities for Richmondites and “enhancing overall community livability and well-being.”



“Richmond city council understands that to be a healthy, vibrant and sustainable city, we must nurture opportunities for recreation and for our rich arts and cultural communities. Richmond also provides a variety of outdoor green space, celebrates our unique heritage and waterfront roots, and provides meaningful opportunities for volunteerism and engagement,” Brodie added in a press release.

Earlier this month, the WLO advised city staff it was unanimous to recognize Richmond. In its announcement, the WLO stated, “the City of Richmond receives this award for its substantive contributions as a community to promoting leisure as a means to enhance the human condition. Richmond serves as an exemplar of how broad-based citizen involvement can effectively promote leisure as integral to the social, cultural, economic, and sustainable environmental development of the community.”

The contribution of Richmond’s many partners in the delivery of community services was particularly recognized in the awarding of the designation.

The title World Leisure Community of Excellence is given to communities that have successfully used leisure in all its forms to reinvent themselves. These cities have also used leisure to improve the economic, social and cultural lives of their citizens.

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