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Seismic shift on council as two incumbents ousted

Martin van den Hemel   Oct-20-2018

Derek Dang watched nervously as the numbers come in, while Andy Hobbs knew his fate was sealed, trailing by more than 800 votes with only one voting location uncounted.

Martin van den Hemel photo

If there was any doubt about whether the housing on farmland issue resonated with voters, Saturday night’s results put that to rest.

With 43 of 44 voting place locations counted, it was a virtual certainty that incumbent Ken Johnston would not be returning to city hall.



But it was announced by elections officials around 11:40 p.m. Saturday that a corrupt memory stick meant advance voting ballots, done on Oct. 6, had not been counted.

Long-time councillor Derek Dang trailed incumbent Alexa Loo by 163 votes.

The big news was who was added to council, with Michael Wolfe emerging victorious after numerous kicks at the can.

And Kelly Greene, who performed well last year during her run against MLA John Yap in Richmond-Steveston—finishing a close second—finished fifth on council, trailing only Bill McNulty, Chak Au, Harold Steves and Carol Day.

Topping the polls for the first time was Carol Day, garnering more than 19,500 votes.

What does this all mean for the mega mansion debate?

It appears council will be split, with Michael Wolfe, Kelly Greene, Carol Day and Harold Steves having expressed their strong anti-mansion viewpoints during the election campaign.

But Bill McNulty, Chak Au, Linda McPhail and Alexa Loo all voted to support the current rules.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie voted to reduce house size, but at that time, his vote was realistically inconsequential as there were already five members of council who voted to maintain status quo.

Now, however, Brodie could cast the deciding vote, giving him a leadership position he hasn’t previously had on another major issue.

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