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Health Warning

Lorraine Graves   Nov-07-2018

Polonia Sausage House products bought between Aug. 1 and Nov. 1, 2018 have been recalled.

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The people of Metro Vancouver have been warned not to eat certain Polonia Sausage Brand products bought between Aug. 1 and Nov. 2, 2018.

While the products were not sold in Richmond, they were available in places that Richmondites might buy sausage either for a quick meal or to take home.



Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) spokesperson Matt Kieltyka says, “Inspectors discovered that these products were not processed using a validated method consistent with food safety standards. The retailer has stopped selling the items and is fully cooperating. No illnesses have been reported linked to these products.”

Kieltyka continues: “Vancouver Coastal Health is warning customers of Polonia Sausage House not to consume certain meat products due to possible bacterial contamination, including E. coli 0157:H7, listeria, or other bacteria.”

While no food poisoning is good, the specific E. coli listed by VCH causes a particularly unpleasant hemorrhagic foodborne illness that can lead to kidney failure, colostomy or occasionally death. Listeria causes food poisoning but can also lead to miscarriage if someone pregnant becomes ill.

If you think you have an infection following consumption of these products, see your family doctor for testing, advice and treatment. Be sure to tell them you suspect foodborne illness.

Customers are being advised to either throw the products out or return them to the place of purchase and to wash their hands with soap and water after handling.

The locations where the product was sold are:

-Vancouver Sausage, 2434 E Hastings St, Vancouver

-Vancouver Deli, 4286 Fraser St, Vancouver

-Surrey Bakery, 14641 –108 Ave, Surrey

-Surrey Deli, 14045 –104 Ave, Surrey

Polonia Sausage House products, sold in various weights, affected by this alert include:

·Cervelat Salami

·Polish Salami

·Ziger Salami

·Hungarian Salami


·Polish Smoked Sausage

·Hot Hungarian

·Gypsy Salami

Kieltyka says, “For more information, members of the public can call Vancouver Coastal Health at 604-675-3800 and ask to speak to a senior environmental health officer.

Further information is available at the BC Centre for Disease Control website.”

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