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Neighbourhood voting trends insightful

Don Fennell   Nov-30-2018

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Only one Richmond polling station mirrored exactly which candidates would be elected in the Oct. 20 civic election.

Votes cast at Steveston-London Secondary School (in the Steveston riding) accurately predicted that Mayor Malcolm Brodie would be re-elected for another four-year term, as well as the eight individuals who formed city council, and the seven making up school board.



Carol Day earned the most votes for city council, with Harold Steves second, Chak Au third, Kelly Greene fourth, with Bill McNulty, Linda McPhail, Alexa Loo and Michael Wolfe the final four spots at the voting station. Derek Dang had just three fewer votes than Wolfe, reflecting a similar overall scenario in which he finished less than 100 votes behind Loo.

Just as he did overall, Ken Hamaguchi topped the poll at Steveston-London, followed by Donna Sargent, Sandra Nixon, Debbie Tablotney, Richard Lee, Heather Larson and Norm Goldstein.

There were 11 Richmond Steveston Voting Divisions in total, with Day topping the polls at six stations and finishing second at the remaining five. Harold Steves was first at three stations and Chak Au tops at two. Kelly Greene also did consistently well.

Ken Hamaguchi topped the polls at eight stations among school trustee candidates, while Sandra Nixon was routinely second. Donna Sargent, Debbie Tablotney and Heather Larson also did consistently well.

Richmond East voters also showed a preference for change, with Day winning eight polling stations, although council-veteran Steves placed second four times. Chak Au topped three polls and McNulty placed second five times.

Ken Hamaguchi was a consistent top-three performer in the riding, which showed strong support for Richard Lee with three first-place finishes.

Votes cast at Matthew McNair Secondary School reflected both the successful candidates and order of finish for school board.

In Richmond Centre, where voting was more varied, Au performed the best among council candidates with 10 first-place finishes. Carol Day also garnered four firsts to go along with seven seconds, while Steves got three firsts and a second. McNulty was consistently third.

Hamaguchi maintained his success with four firsts, while Nixon drew five seconds and Sargent seven thirds for school board. Richard Lee made a strong impression with five firsts and two seconds.

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