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Richmond’s Olympic legacy keeps on giving

Lorraine Graves   Jul-20-2017

A panoramic view inside Richmond Olympic Oval

Photo courtesy City of Richmond

The City of Richmond today announced the results of a study on the economic impact of the Olympic Oval. The KPMG report says our city has benefited from both the construction phase, which generated 3,076 job and $234 million as well as the ongoing use of the facility which supports the equivalent of 400 full time jobs and earns an additional $19 million.

"This report is a testament to the ongoing legacies of the 2010 Olympic Games and the Richmond Olympic Oval for our community,­" said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. "The City's investment in the Oval continues to generate huge social and economic benefits for Richmond."



Originally built as the speed skating oval for the 2010­­ Winter Olympic Games, the building has been converted to serve the needs of the Richmond community and the visiting public. As the city of Richmond said in a recent statement, the Oval has become, "A centre for sport, recreation wellness, culture and tourism."

One of the attractions at the facility, the Olympic Experience at the Oval, was named best new tourist attraction in Canada. With nearly one million site visits a year, the Oval was named as fourth largest tourist attraction in Metro Vancouver by attendance.

The city went on to state, "The report does not include all of the indirect benefits accrued as a result of the Richmond Olympic Oval, such as tourism benefits from the Richmond O-Zone, the City's official celebration site during the 2010 Games and benefits from hosting corporate and other non-sport events at the Oval."

The entire report can be seen at

The Oval's success spreads into the community. For example, the Richmond Sports Hosting program generates more than 20,000 hotel room stays annually with estimated economic value of $9 million.

The Oval continues to contribute to both physical and economic well-being of the citizens of Richmond.

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