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City rallies after boy falls ill

Lorraine Graves   Aug-16-2017

John Chen


John Chen was a typical boy whose dad was his Scout leader. He was a boy who camped, played sports—generally living and loving the active life of a 11-year-old Richmond elementary student.He took piano lessons and went to Spul’u’kwuks Elementary.

The family’s Canada 150+ goal was a camping trip to the Rockies



Then, according to John’s father Sam, John got sick, very sick, with the very rare condition necrotizing fasciitis, sometimes wrongly called “flesh eating disease.”

The family’s life has been turned upside down and shaken, according to John’s father, Sam.

“We worked very hard, like a normal family and now the situation changed drastically. It’s been 4 months.Our whole family, all our family members are impacted.”

The Chens are not a wealthy family. They have two boys and no other family here to help them out.

Through their hard work over the years they were able to get a mortgage to buy a two-bedroom townhouse.

“Now the hospital tells us we have to rent a one-level place so John can get around in his wheelchair when he comes home. No stairs,” Sam says.

Sam has now found a place for the family to rent for the next two years but it all comes at a price.

The parents, now no longer able to work, tag-team John’s care while cooking and caring for John’s older brother.

They make sure John is never alone in the hospital at any time.

They look worried but more than that, they are exhausted.

They have no income because their main job is John’s well-being.The Chens’ friends have created a GoFundMe page ( to help them get through.

What John and his family have been through and have yet to go through is detailed well on the GoFundMe page.

It’s a chance for the people of Richmond to help because times are hard enough without the Chens having to worry about money for them.

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