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Chinese community welcomes English-speakers

Lorraine Graves   Aug-30-2017

Cutline: A young man, forced to change his life’s direction, sees a former professor as he faces his life’s end in “Tuesdays with Morrie.”

Photo courtesy Chung Ying Theatre Company

Members of Richmond’s Chinese community are reaching out to the English-speaking community.

Everyone is invited to the Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival produced in conjunction with Richmond’s Sky High Productions.



Every Cantonese performance of Tuesdays with Morrie and Travel with Mum will have full English surtitles, the same translation service offered to opera-goers in Vancouver and simplified English surtitles for those who speak Mandarin but don’t understand Cantonese.

It means, regardless of language, the play’s rich messages will engross all in attendance.

English-speaking Richmondites have this rich opportunity to accept the hand of integration offered by our Chinese community.

The first play runs Aug. 31 and Sep.t 2. Tuesdays with Morrie, is based on a best selling American book about a young man looking for new direction in his life as he spends a day a week with a former professor gradually exiting his life.

Artistic director and lead actor, Ting-Lung Ko, says he would like to change the play in the future, basing it more on local places and norms.

Ko says he would like to cast “The older professor as Caucasian, while the young man he teaches—Chinese, like Richmond today.”

According to Esther Ho, president of Richmond’s Sky High Productions, after watching over 300 plays around the world to make her choice, the second play she’s bringing in for the festival, has universal appeal. Though originally written in Cantonese, anyone who has taken a challenging elder on a trip will be nodding, according to Ho. Travel with Mum, runs Sept. 15 and 16, with full surtitles in English and simplified Chinese.

With the offer of an olive branch of inclusiveness from our Cantonese-speaking community for Sky High’s Pacific Festival, artistic director of Gateway Theatre Jovanni Sy says, “Ideally I would like the audience for this festival to look like today’s Richmond, where everybody’s welcome.”

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