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Richmond Mounties hope thieves take the bait

Martin van den Hemel   Sep-05-2017

Richmond Mounties announced they are launching the bait bike program.

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Local police are turning to high tech in their bid to deter bike thieves.

Richmond RCMP announced this week the launch of the Bait Bike program, which leverages tech in specially-equipped bikes to give police real-time information on a stolen bike’s location so that it can be safely recovered and the thief arrested.



RCMP Cpl. Dennis Hwang said bait bikes are indistinguishable from other bicycles.

But thieves will quickly discover that they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a bike by its appearance.

“If one of these bikes is stolen, rest assured, our officers will be close at hand,” Hwang said.

This cutting edge tech will be combined with Project 529 (the bike registration and recovery program) to help give locals more piece of mind when they lock up their bikes in public.

“We are always searching for innovative solutions to complement traditional police techniques,” Richmond RCMP Sgt. Simon Lee. “Our property crime unit is utilizing all means at our disposal to catch bike thieves and hold them accountable.”

Local bike owners are encouraged to quickly and easily register their bikes through Project 529, which can be done through a smartphone app, or at any local community police offices, including Downtown Richmond, Steveston and South Arm. Project 529 is now being used by police agencies across the province and country.

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