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More summer options with more direct flights

Lorraine Graves   Sep-07-2017

The new non-stop and more frequent routes announced for travellers from YVR to points in Asia, France, Switzerland, Australia and England.

Map courtesy Air Canada and YVR

As summer holidays ended in Vancouver, and children anticipated their return to school, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) announced a host of new flights commencing in time for next summer’s holidays. Starting summer 2018, Air Canada will fly directly from YVR to Zurich as well as Paris. That means the city of lights or the home of some of the finest milk chocolate without the need for layovers that cost time, energy, and sleep.

Air Canada will also increase their flights to London’s Heathrow airport from one per day to twice daily in time for next year’s tourist season. While the larger planes and more frequent flights will still not make these destinations day trips, they will offer more choices for trip planning and could save precious days off for vacationers. For business travellers, less time on the journey means more time working and fewer days away from family.



In addition, YVR’s Aug. 31 press conference announced that when direct Vancouver-Delhi, India flights restart in October, they will now be increased to five flights per week.

These additional direct flights are over and above what the airport authority calls, “a slew of expanded air services introduced at YVR since the beginning of 2017. This includes new flights to Denver, Dallas, Boston, Taipei, Nagoya and Frankfurt. Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge also expanded service to San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Jose.”

Also announced: Air Canada’s direct flights from here to Melbourne, Australia will no longer be simply seasonal when they start up again in December. The Canadian airline will go to year-round non-stop flights, just in case those Canadians currently seeking two summers each year want to swap that and experience two winters in one year, one in each hemisphere.

President and CEO of the Vancouver Airport Authority, Craig Richmond says, “These new flights mean travellers can connect seamlessly to key markets in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, while also creating lots of jobs here at home and injecting more capital into the local economy.”

Using what YVR calls “state of the art” new Dreamliners, Boeing 787 aircraft, these new routes are expected to to add 378 full-time jobs to the BC economy.

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