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Touching, smelling, and tasting history at museum

Lorraine Graves   Sep-15-2017

Abigail, 8, and Miles, 9, are writing where their families come from as an interactive part of Richmond Museum Canada 150 exhibit Our Journeys Here.

Photo by Chung Chow

As the summer programs end and the school year begins, the Richmond Museum is shifting from its successful summer camps for children to schools programming. All the while, the museum is open for the public of all ages.

“As museum storytellers, collectors and educators, our goal is to create moments of wonder and understanding. Our work translates into action for a healthy community and planet,” says Richmond’s Manager of Museums and Heritage Sites, Marie Fenwick.


“The museum offers three programs and there are more available at other heritage sites within the city.”

Fenwick lists three. The Let’s Celebrate Winter program lets students experience different cultural celebrations throughout the year such as playing the Japanese New Year’s game, Fuku warai or making a Victorian Christmas pomander to add festive fragrance to their homes.

The museum offers the aptly-named Food for Thought program at London Farm.

“Students experience what farming was like in Richmond’s early years through storytelling, outdoor games and by planting their own seed to take home and grow,” says Fenwick.

In the museum’s Animating History program, students create stop motion animation to bring to life a story of our community’s roots.

More than just a destination for field trips, the Richmond Museum also provides Education Kits for teachers on a host of topics.

“These unique kits are packed with “artefacts,” photographs and other resources that inspire curiosity and engage active young minds.”

From Chinese immigration, to the settlers of Lulu and Sea Island and the long history of the Musqueam, the kits cover a range of topics.

The current interactive exhibit, Our Journeys Here, seeks to show the building blocks of Richmond’s culture. It starts with the First Peoples continuing through to present day immigration.

With interactive exhibits, Our Journeys Here offers a chance to hear, see and touch the lives of those who have laid the bedrocks of our community.

Open until 9:30 p.m. weekdays and 5 p.m. on weekends, our city’s museum has a lot to offer either as a destination or a place to pop into while at the cultural centre. While it’s always free to pop in, the museum welcomes donations large and small.

“The Richmond Museum aims to inspire curiosity about our community’s history while exploring our place in the world. We invite visitors, students and educators to come on a journey of discovery with us.”

For more information on educational offerings and current exhibits see:

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