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Terms of Use

Terms of Payment

Invoices for print, website and app advertising are due by the seventh day of each month. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts.

Cheques are the sole form of accepted payment. NSF cheques are subject to a $50 fee.

Advertising Copyright

Advertisers acknowledge that The Richmond Sentinel owns the copyright for materials prepared/designed/created by the newspaper for the advertiser. Client advertising material prepared by The Richmond Sentinel and its team, cannot be published elsewhere in print, online or via an app, without the prior written and signed consent of The Richmond Sentinel.

Advertising Deadlines

Placement and cancellation deadlines for advertising will vary depending on printing schedules. Clients are urged to confirm deadlines with their sales representative. Any creative change orders must be made in writing, acknowledged and received by The Richmond Sentinel, at least three (3) business days prior to publication.

Errors and omissions

In the event an advertisement is not published, liability is limited to the amount paid for the advertisement. In the event there is an error in the advertisement, liability is limited to the cost of the space occupied by the error.

Any advertisement, or advertising contract, may be rejected or discontinued by the publisher without notice; neither party shall be penalized.

Advertisers agree to indemnify the publisher for any losses or costs incurred by the publisher resulting from the publication of an advertisement that is libelous, misleading or discriminatory or, which for any other reason, places the publisher in a position of liability.