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Coroner finds organizational problems in death of 24-year-old during Montreal marathon

By The Canadian Press

Published 4:15 PDT, Mon June 29, 2020

MONTREAL — A Quebec coroner who looked into the death last year of a 24-year-old runner in a Montreal half-marathon is raising several issues with communication and organization at the event.

Patrick Neely died after collapsing just before the finish line at the race, part of the International Oasis Rock 'N' Roll Montreal Marathon.

The report into the death notes that there was a serious lack of volunteers along the route, that it took nearly 10 minutes for paramedics to arrive after police called and that Neely was taken to the nearest hospital as opposed to one equipped to deal with cardiac arrest patients.

The coroner says knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be a requirement for Montreal police officers, noting the officer who first tended to Neely happened to know the technique.

Neely, an engineer from Beaconsfield, Que., had a congenital heart problem that had been monitored.

He died on Sept. 22 of multiple organ failure in what was deemed a natural death.

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