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About Us

The Richmond Sentinel is a community newspaper organization that provides balanced and relevant news and information to the community of Richmond, B.C., Canada. Launched out of a steadfast belief that community news media should be a civic resource and a public trust, The Richmond Sentinel is committed to serving the public good.

Published by Intelli Management Group—a Richmond, B.C. management consulting firm which opened in 2002—The Sentinel will strive to celebrate the community’s accomplishments while addressing its challenges. With most cities in B.C. now served solely by one newspaper, The Richmond Sentinel aims to address this paucity of perspectives by diversifying the local media landscape in a fashion that is economically sustainable.

The Richmond Sentinel will rely on community, business and government support to fulfill its civic responsibilities and obligations, with any profits used to either bolster The Sentinel’s staff and resources, or donated to the community.

To advertise in The Richmond Sentinel, contact Martin van den Hemel at 604-910-8684.

Seeking media sponsorship for your event or initiative? Call 778-297-5005 or email

The Sentinel has been designed with the environment and readers in mind.

It’s much easier to read, with a minimum 12-point typeface on its content.

Printed on recycled newsprint, The Richmond Sentinel features UV ink, which means no more messy newspaper ink stains. And the pages are stapled together for ease of reading and recycling, as part of our commitment to being a responsible, reliable and committed community partner.

Our Team

  • Martin van den Hemel

    Managing Editor

    A crime and investigative reporter since 1994, Martin has proudly called Richmond home for more than four decades.

  • Jaana Bjork

    Production Manager

    Jaana is a Richmond resident who has been in the newspaper industry for more than 34 years.

  • Lorraine Graves


    An award-winning broadcast journalist, Lorraine lives in Steveston and is particularly passionate about education, science and the arts.

  • Don Fennell


    An award-winning writer and Richmond resident, Don has helped to champion local sports for more than two decades, 25-plus of those as sports editor at The Richmond Review.

  • Chung Chow


    An award-winning photographer, Chung has been capturing images of Richmond people, places and events for more than 25 years.

Our Mandate

  • Bring the community together by strengthening cultural connections; 
  • Broaden the community’s understanding of social, cultural, political, educational and economic issues;
  • Foster healthy discussion and debate; facilitate Canadian literacy, especially among youth and immigrants;
  • Serve as a knowledge bridge between seniors and youth;
  • Provide a communication platform where the public and government can express themselves;
  • And provide a safe and secure environment in which people can share their ideas, stories and perspectives.