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Gem of a show Sunday at nature park

Don Fennell   Nov-07-2017

An example of items that will be on display at the gem and mineral show Sunday, Nov. 12 at the Richmond Nature Park.

Photo courtesy City of Richmond

As a delta, Richmond isn’t a place to naturally source gems like the kind that will be on display Sunday at the nature park.

“It’s just the wrong kind of substrate for it,” explains Kris Bauder, co-ordinator at the Richmond Nature Park.



But, adds Bauder, some of the dazzling collection of rocks and fossils that visitors to the park will see at the Richmond Gem and Mineral Society’s show this weekend may well come from B.C. For instance, jade.

“Jade is fairly rare though, and needs to be guarded,” she says.

Visitors to the Nov. 12 show (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.) will also be able to play some interactive games and see demonstrations of soapstone carvings, lapidary and silversmithing.

Bauder also hopes the event will attract new visitors to the park itself.

“There are all sorts of things to be discovered,” she says. “And this an opportunity to teach people how they can enjoy an activity like this without disturbing the environment.”

All ages are welcome. Admission is by donation, with proceeds supporting educational programs at the Richmond Nature Park, 11851 Westminster Hwy. (just west of No. 5 Road). For more information, contact the Richmond Nature Park at 604-718-6188 or visit

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