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RCMP busts fancy booze can, second in a month

Martin van den Hemel   Dec-07-2017

Richmond RCMP busted a booze can in north Richmond last weekend.

Courtesy Richmond RCMP

Wondering what a booze can looks like from the inside?

Richmond Mounties busted a booze can last weekend and provided the media with images taken from inside the place on the 11700 block of Voyageur Way, an industrial area near Bridgeport and No. 5 Road.



Richmond RCMP’s anti-gang unit identified and shut down the two-level booze can which was fashioned like a karaoke lounge and stretched more than 2,000 square feet. The booze can bust was the second in less than a month.

According to police, alcohol was served openly and liquor was found throughout the facility.

Some 20 patrons, between 19 and 25 years of age, were found inside. The facility was equipped with projectors, karaoke machines, a gambling area, and a professional-grade lighting system similar to what’s found in a lounge or night club.

Police also found a video monitoring area, which had cameras trained on the front entrance.

“This booze can was far more elaborate than the first one we discovered around a month ago,” Richmond RCMP Cpl. Dennis Hwang said. “We are concerned for a number of reasons with public safety being at the forefront. Safety risks including attracting the criminal element, gambling, potential fire hazards, overcrowding, unlicensed liquor service and potential road safety concerns from possibly impaired people leaving the unit.”

The city’s anti-gang squad conducted checks at more than 19 businesses, including bars, restaurants and karaoke bars.

“We are actively focused on continuing these checks and making our community safer,” Hwang said.

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