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New non-stop flight announced

Lorraine Graves   Dec-14-2017

Willem van Bergen via

On Wednesday, Nov. 29 Vancouver International Airport announced the initiation of non-stop flights between YVR and Sacramento, California.

Whether you go for Beer Week, the annual French Film Festival, the Horror Film Festival, or the atmosphere of acceptance, Air Canada’s direct flights start May 17, 2018 between our two cities.



With a vibrant arts scene, a variety of post-secondary institutions, and a large menu of museums, this city of half a million people surprises visitors with its proximity to national forests as well its depth of history and large list of things to do or see. And, California’s wine-producing areas are well within driving distance.

According to Tess Messmer senior communications specialist for the Vancouver Airport Authority, “YVR will be the first Canadian airport to offer direct, non-stop service to the California capital city, showcasing Air Canada’s commitment to building its Transpacific hub in Vancouver.

Besides adding another convenient get-away location for the people of B.C., Messmer says, “The new service will create close to 80 new jobs and contribute $5.8 million to B.C.’s (gross domestic product).”

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