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Chamber mustering support to replace hospital tower

Martin van den Hemel   Jan-17-2018

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There’s still time to show your support for a Richmond Chamber of Commerce effort to urge the province to proceed with the replacement of Richmond Hospital’s acute care tower.

In less than a week after launching the effort, nearly 8,000 people have written supportive emails or signed a petition at the Richmond Chamber’s office on Cooney and Ackroyd in downtown Richmond.



Among those supporting the effort is Dr. Zak El-Ramly, president and CEO of ZE PowerGroup Inc., which employs some 250 people.

“ZE strongly agrees that a new Acute Care Tower is urgently needed at the Richmond Hospital. Our expanding and diverse local workforce compels us to ensure that we have the adequate expertise, equipment and facilities that are needed for the future,” El-Ramly said. “We kindly urge Premier John Horgan to please include the necessary funding in the February 2018 budget.”

The signature campaign (details of which are available at closes on Jan. 22.

Supporters can either email a letter to the chamber, or come to the Richmond Chamber office and sign in person.

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