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Betting on a sure thing at Gateway Theatre

Lorraine Graves   Mar-13-2018

Meghan Gardiner stars as Evelyn in Ruby Slippers and Gateway Theatre’s production of I Lost My Husband March 15 through 24.

Photo by David Cooper

What would you do if you lost your husband…in a bar bet and then had doubts that you wanted him back? That’s exactly what happens in the upcoming Ruby Slippers world premiere of I Lost My Husband in English. Produced in association with Gateway Theatre, the play runs March 15 through 24 and is the penultimate show in Gateway’s 2017-18 season.

With Ruby Slippers’ award winner Diane Brown directing, following on her 2017 success with You Will Remember Me at Gateway, the evening promises to be top quality. If Ruby Slippers’ past examples offer any indication, the writing, the acting and the stage craft promise to show both finesse and evoke emotion running the gamut from tears of laughter to those of self-realization.



Already a hit in Quebec, as J’ai perdu mon mari, Brown says she commissioned Leanna Brodie to translate the piece because, “I have a particular penchant for smart social satire that has some relevance to the audience.”

“I’m bringing Catherine Léger to Richmond and a West Coast audience, not just because she’s a good writer, because she has something to say,” says Brown.

When asked about her multi-award winning company, Brown says: “Ruby Slippers Theatre is committed to furthering women’s voices in the theatre. This vision includes the French Canadian cannon in English translation.”

She adds: “Our overall creative inspiration is putting underrepresented voices on stage. Women are one of the most underrepresented groups in theatre. Catherine Léger is a fantastic Quebecoise playwright that no one has heard of in the west.”

Brown says she chose this particular play this year because, “It’s very funny. The script is very smart and represents the zeitgeist right now: women finding their own voices and believing in themselves.”

Tickets are available through the Gateway Theatre’s box office. Sales have been strong. According to Brown, “Opening night sold out weeks ago. So that’s exciting.

“The tickets are selling like hotcakes so you might want to tell your readers to hurry up because they’re running out,” Brown says.

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