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Richmond celebrates Once Upon A Time Day

Don Fennell   Apr-03-2018

Mayor Malcolm Brodie declared March 29 Once Upon A Time Day, presenting proclamation to producers, cast and crew.

Photo courtesy City of Richmond

Richmond celebrated Once Upon A Time Day on Thursday.

As the acclaimed TV fairytale drama series prepares to wrap up its seven-season run, the City of Richmond is paying tribute.



Mayor Malcolm Brodie said the show produced million of dollars of economic impact for the local and provincial economy.

“It (also) raised the international profile of Richmond,” he said. “Tourists from around the world have visited historic Steveston Village to see the real-life setting of Storybrooke. We’re pleased to offer our congratulations and thanks to the producers, cast and crew as they conclude the series’ successful run.”

It was back in 2011 that the streets of Steveston began to be transformed into Storybrooke, a fictitious small town in Maine. The show follows the lives of fairytale characters transported to the real world.

Many popular local businesses and tourism sites have regularly been transformed into Granny’s Café, Storybrooke Post Office, Storybrooke Country Bread, Mr. Gold Pawnbroker and Antiquities Dealer and more. Some of the Storybrooke set signage will be left set up over the March 30 to April 1 long weekend for fans to enjoy.

An economic impact study completed for The Motion Picture Association of Canada this year found that over its seven seasons Once Upon A Time production was responsible for 7,727 full time equivalent jobs and was responsible for $382.4 million in direct production expenditure in British Columbia. The series was also a strong tourist attraction, with many visitors to Tourism Richmond’s tourism information centre in Steveston Village, reporting they had come specifically to visit Storybrooke.

With series production recently returning to Steveston to shoot scenes for the series’ final episodes, Brodie visited the set to declare March 29 as Once Upon A Time Day. Brodie, who was featured in the show’s season 1 DVD bonus section as the “real Mayor of Storybrooke,” thanked the producers, cast and crew for their contributions to the community.

Richmond prides itself as a film-friendly community and has set new records for filming over the past three years. More than 200 days of filming activity took place in both 2016 and 2017.

In recent years, major motion pictures such as Deadpool, War for the Planet of the Apes and Godzillaundertook extended shooting in Richmond. Numerous TV series, including Once Upon A Time, Supernatural and The Magicians also regularly film in Richmond. For more information see the Richmond Film Office’s recently released 2017 annual report at: (Agenda item 5.)

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