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Video: Candidates in their own words

Lorraine Graves   Oct-10-2018

Professional TV host Jim Gordon (left) and managing editor, Martin van den Hemel, on the set of the Sentinel’s all-candidates individual interviews, Oct. 5 at Richmond City Hall.

Photo by Wilson Miao

The Richmond Sentinel hosted a Facebook live event Oct. 5.

Each candidate in the Richmond civic election engaged in a three-minute interview, where each candidate answered the same questions about what they consider the major issues facing our city and what they propose to do.



Now, this professionally-shot and hosted event has been edited so you can view it at your leisure, so you can make an informed decision when you vote on Oct. 20.

While the list may look overwhelming, broken down into individual clips, it’s doable.

To see a menu of each three-minute video, click on the category you would like to view. Each person’s video, with a photo, will offer you a host of choices.

Mayoral Candidates 2018

Councillor Candidates 2018

School Trustee Candidates 2018

It’s your chance to hear the candidates in their own words telling you their plans for our city.

All 62 candidates were invited. 54 accepted the Sentinel’s invitation and the following candidates were unable to attend: Lawrence Chen, Harold Steves, Jack Trovato, Linda McPhail, Andy Chiang, Zhe Zhang, Jason Zhen Ning Li, Jeff Danis.

One of the hardest things to do during a civic election is to choose from among the myriad of issues and candidates to make the best choices possible for ourselves, our families and our community for the next four years.

Now, thanks to the Richmond Sentinel, you have access to the videos either choose just the candidates you want to view from the category playlist or see the complete broadcast of the entire event edited together without breaks.

You be the judge. Click the links. Make your choice. Get informed. Who will you vote for? Your city is counting on you.

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