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Richmond RCMP off to help with B.C. wildfires

Don Fennell   Jul-13-2017

Waferboard via Flickr

Eleven Richmond RCMP members have been requested to assist with the current wildfire situation in B.C.

“The members will be deployed for a one-week period to support evacuation efforts in 100 Mile House and surrounding areas,” City of Richmond spokesperson Ted Townsend said.



Townsend said First responder levels in Richmond will not be impacted, and all associated costs will be covered by the Province.

“Richmond Fire Rescue has not deployed any staff or equipment to date, but is in communication with their regional counterparts and will continue to monitor and reassess,” Townsend said. “Emergency Programs staff are canvassing the availability of Emergency Operations Centre, Emergency Social Services and Emergency Social Services-trained volunteers to respond,” he said.

Visit for the latest information on the wildfire situation.

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