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New Exhibit, Our Journeys Here, opens at Richmond Museum

Lorraine Graves   Jul-13-2017

Coast Salish Elder Roberta Price with cedar boughs at the official opening of Our Journeys Here at the Richmond Museum.

Photo by Don Fennell

At the official opening of the Richmond Museum exhibit recently, the ceremonies began with a gracious welcome from Coast Salish Elder Roberta Price who taught us of the need for family, for roots and for culture. Price spoke of her elders who taught her to sweep away negative energy with cedar boughs.

An experienced teacher and elder, Price said, “Can you do things really well when you are cranky? That’s negative energy.”



Price spoke of reclaiming her identity lost to residential school after age six, finally finding her mother as Price herself was becoming a grandmother.

Talking of the need to know her culture, Price’s words echoed in the hearts of others present, those with their roots in other cultures, other countries.

The Museum’s exhibit, Our Journeys Here, seeks to show the building blocks upon which Richmond and the land of Canada are built, starting with the First Peoples up to present day immigration.

With artifacts and interactive videos, the Richmond Museum shows us our roots and the roots of our neighbours.

The deep roots of our Asian immigrants, South Asian immigrants and a host of other countries, cultures and faiths from around the globe shine in this year-long exhibit open to the public at the Richmond Museum.

The display makes it clear that web of our current culture is woven from the threads of all the people who have ever called Richmond home.

The theme of the evening was clear: Knowing our roots, keeping them strong, and appreciating the strong roots of others, helps us to grow as a country, a community and a people.

Our Richmond Museum is open to the public every day except holidays and is by donation. For more information:

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